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On a long-term basis, all systems can carry a very limited number of organisms with them which is defined as the carrying capacity. For human beings, it’s a very complex system as they require food and a bucket full of other resources to sustain themselves on earth and maintain the quality of life. The sustainability of a system depends entirely on the carrying capacity of the system, which has been crossed by exploitation of resources these days, then what begins is the degradation of the environment and it’s continued till they are no looking back and there’s a dead end…

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The Earth’s carbon cycle is balanced by the oceans. We all know that when we burn anything to everything on earth CO2 is released into the atmosphere. The CO2 concentration of the atmosphere obviously increases and hence is balanced by, oceans as they absorb the excess of it. Here is a catch, the seawater doesn’t know when to stop absorbing CO2 but it does know what to with the CO2 and hence it forms carbonic acid which increases the acidity of seawater. We have to understand and realise that increasing CO2 emission is a grave concern. …


#BeawareCO2 is a social-environment initiative to raise awareness of the public on CO2 emissions.

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